• DUST-FREE POWER-VAC DRYWALL SANDER & SMARTSTICK DRYWALL ANGLE SANDER. This "COMBO" includes a generous supply of sanding discs and paper!

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    • "POWER-VAC/SMARTSTICK COMBO COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR SANDING DRYWALL" is the world's first and only complete drywall sanding system. This "COMBO" includes two newly invented tools that will sand your entire job (including your angles) smooth and blazing fast! A generous supply of sanding discs, sandpaper and back-up pads are included.
    • POWER-VAC DRYWALL SANDERS with vacuum built-in do not need a separate dust extractor. Our dust extracting system is built in and self-contained. This on board design eliminates the vacuum hose anchoring the sander to a separate dust extractor, you know, the old "ball & chain" syndrome. POWER-VAC DRYWALL SANDERS with vacuum built-in are fast and easy to sand with and fast and easy to move, especially while sanding ceilings using stilts.
    • SMARTSTICK DRYWALL ANGLE SANDERS are a breakthrough in angle sander design. No other method or tool can match the beautiful, perfect finished angles that SMARTSTICK produces. This is the angle sanding solution that we have all been looking for from drywall's earliest beginnings. Their "no groove" nature produces perfect angles 4 TIMES FASTER than using sponge blocks! Once you use a SMARTSTICK DRYWALL ANGLE SANDER, you will never sand another job without it, guaranteed!
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